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The Flipside Review

The GD Will Fully Return In May 2014 - New Services - New Direction - New Attitude
"No Longer Asking For A Better Deal For Gorgie Dalry - But Demanding One!"

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Available From May 2014 - Click Above For Details Of Advance Bookings!

New iPad Set Up & Go! - GD iPad Arts & Educational Services
From providing a basic introduction to the iPads main functions and assisting you to download apps and surf the web to more advanced topics such as specialist apps such as eBay, iPlayer or Spotify - The GD can provide the answers and help you need to get the very best from your iPad - And all in the comfort of your own home - Further Information


Produced and supported by local residents aiming to promote the arts, entertainments & local communities within the area -
The GD is a community led independent online celebration of Gorgie Dalry and the South West areas of Scotland's capital city!

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